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I am assuming if you have read my previous posts you probably understood that I am not a big fan of big cities and crowded places. I usually like to experience the small miracles that nature offers. For me a good trip should take place somewhere far away from the big, scary skyscrapers, unending traffic jams, all the unclear and loud noises. If you are anything like me I believe you’ll find lots of interesting content in my blog. However, if you are into travelling to big modern cities you might not find what you are looking for in this blog.

Big cities make me feel like I’m drowning in the shadows of the big scary buildings. The toxic gases from the cars and factories around burn my lungs and makes it really difficult for me to breath. Also, as I am walking in the streets of these kind of places I feel I am becoming part of the crowed, like losing my identity and everything that makes me who I am. It feels like I am just another dot on the crowd. Most of the time the big cities are so cramped that there is no sense of personal space. Its like everybody is blending together and becoming the same.

However, when I say I don’t like big cities I also don’t want to disrespect the cities which harmonize the past and present. When you can find pieces of a population’s history in their big cities that is something really precious. For me it shows that those cities are not lost in the fast growing technology world. They are carrying their roots to next generations. They are not leaving their identities behind, they are just blending the modern and old. They are protecting the uniqueness of their culture and make the world a more colorful place.

Cities that are full of history doesn’t make me feel like I’m becoming someone else or losing a piece of me, because wherever you look in those cities you can find something that will remind you of your heritage and who you are.

Also there are some cities, actually villages, that preserve their past and bring it to their present. These small villages are frozen in time. When you step into these villages suddenly you feel like you are back in time which is a great opportunity to remember where as humans we came from.

I found these kind of places really fascinating because I can see that humans used to be more respectful to the nature and appreciate their surroundings more. Most buildings in these places will only have 3 floors. The roads would probably be made out of stones which lets some plants to grow between them. The trees will be everywhere and you can actually see that some houses are structured around the tree rather than cutting it down to have more space. People around the village probably will be wearing traditional clothes which will indicate that they are protecting their culture.

In my opinion these small villages will feel like home even though you are not from that country or do not belong to that specific culture. They have this warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can actually see that most people in these villages know each other and suddenly they will be greeting you just like they would greet their families. As you go around talk to local people you will remember how people used to trust, respect and love each other even though they are total strangers. Unfortuntely, this is something we forget over time in the big cities.

In the big cities we learn not to trust anyone and only care about ourselves. We lose our sincerity as humans and become more robotic. Rather than welcoming new people into our small worlds we prefer to avoid even eye contact with strangers. The curiosity we used to feel when we meet new people leaves its place to paranoia where we assume this new stranger we encounter will hurt us in some way. So we become more closed and alone.

I am sorry if this post was a little depressing but I believe these are things that has to be told. Of course I admit there are many advantages of living in metropolitan cities. However I feel like disadvantages surpass advantages.

So what I wanted to say at heart in this post is that there are still some places in the world where people still care about each other and not drown in the routinized every day tasks.

My aim will be to introduce these kind of places where you can leave all the masks you wear aside and connect back to you original self.


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