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Location: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby / British Columbia, Canada

So far I have been talking about Turkey my hometown but now I would like to talk about Vancouver which is my new home. There are so many great places in Vancouver to visit and lose yourself, especially if you are a nature lover like me. However, I wanted to make my first post for Vancouver about a simple place which probably isn’t included in anyone’s where-to-go-in-Vancouver/Canada list. It is the first place I have ever visited in Vancouver : Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Burnaby campus.

Well I can see that some of you are frowning and thinking how a university can be so beautiful and peaceful to become a theme of a travel blog’s post, especially now in the middle of the fall semester when every student is stressed and swamped with the midterms, exams and assignments. Well since this is not a classic travel blog you shouldn’t be surprised 😉 SFU was one of the places that made me feel many emotions all at once that I had to talk about it. I also think many students can relate themselves to this post especially if they are international students.

When I first arrived at Vancouver as an international student who doesn’t know anything about the city or what she is doing I was really scared. I was all alone, I didn’t know anyone and my family or my friends were not here to support me. Everything was new. As I was arriving at Burnaby Campus my body was shaking with the fear of the unknown. When I got of the car in front of the dorms I remember already making up my mind to go back home. However, SFU was very welcoming and calming with all the flowers, the fascinating views from the top of the mountain, the refreshing air and the places for long walks in the nature.

SFU welcomed me and took care of me when I felt most vulnerable. Of course there were times when I was feeling stressed out because of the academic things too but I believe the environment SFU creates especially on the Burnaby campus really help you to get rid of that stress. I believe if you are feeling down and lazy SFU will motive you with all the places you could study with other people which look really aesthetic.

Since “the winter is coming” ( yes I watch Game of Thrones too and don’t even get me started with that final season) I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the whole different atmosphere SFU offers for you in winter when it snows. For most people it is a nightmare at the mountain if it snows but if you can forget about the scary bus rides down the mountain and the lines that you have to wait which go beyond the infinity, the campus becomes really pretty and quite. Since most of the people leave the campus due to the weather conditions, suddenly it gets really quite and isolated.

It feels like watching a scene from a movie where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan will show up in two seconds right around the corner. It has a really romantic and a warm aura especially walking in the Cornerstone Street. It will make you forget about all your worries and make you feel like you are in an other world. You’ll be amazed by the snow that covers everywhere and shimmers under the moonlight.

Also the cafes there probably will be open for sometime before everyone leaves and if you visit them, get a cup of hot chocolate, sit and watch the snow with your favourite music list. You’ll for sure feel really cozy. And if you are interested in literature like me or anything else, it sure will be a source of inspiration for you because the beauty of the overall atmosphere will trigger so many emotions of yours and will fill your mind with unique ideas.

SFU’s Burnaby Campus is one of those rare places where it will greet you with different emotions in every season. Summer in SFU is amazing as well, especially around the little pond when you pass Terry Fox’s statue. You could just go there and sit at the benches, read a book and enjoy the blue sky that is unrealistically beautiful. Watching the fishes swim in the pond or feeling the sun on your face will spread nothing but joy to your soul.


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