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Location: Seven Lakes National Park, Bolu / Turkey

As leafs started to change colour and heavy rains are knocking on our door, we know that the Fall has come. I am assuming for many people Fall is not their favourite season but to be honest I loooove Fall. I love it when the ordinary colours of the earth is replaced with many shades of red and yellow. It brings a totally different atmosphere to the world. I feel like the world becomes more cozy.

This is the season to wear your pyjamas, sit next to the window with your big coffee mug and watch the rain with your soft blanket around you. I know this is a total cliche because we all have things to do like our jobs, school and other stuff. The rush of the life doesn’t stop so that you can relax and live the moment for a bit but still we must agree that Fall is really pretty. It is kind of like a make up for the nature.

So in this post I wanted to talk about a place that becomes so peaceful and refreshing during the Fall season.

In Turkey there is this place called Yedigoller which in rough transition means “Seven Lakes”. This place is very popular during the fall season although many people are still not aware of it. This place has seven lakes (well now you know how it got its name, not so creative huh 😂) and it is in a big forest. So in Fall all those trees in the forest, literally all of them, changes colour and the ground is covered by the dead leaves which makes a satisfying sound when you step on them.

It is pretty common that during Fall people start to feel depressed because of the cloudy weather and the fact that you must stay in a building in order to protect yourself from the cold. The moment you feel like you are about to explode because you just can’t take the gloomy atmosphere of the city anymore which makes you feel like you are trapped between the claws of the tall buildings, you can go here.

Yedigoller will welcome you with clean mountain air which will take away the heavy burden on your chest. As you look around, you’ll realize the unbelievable harmony of the colours on trees which will cheer up your soul. Also, in the city it is really difficult to find somewhere quite where you can ease your mind. Yedigoller gives you this opportunity. When you are following the path that goes around all the lakes the only sound you will hear will be the crushing leafs and birds. With every step you’ll start to smile more because all of your negative energy will be taken from you by the beautiful trees around you.

I can assure you that even though you are not a big fan of Fall you will fall in love with Yedigoller because it will increase your inner peace and help you reconnect with your emotions. Also, when you are walking by the biggest one of the seven lakes you will be speechless. Because the reflection of the trees on the water will double the pleasure you have been experiencing.

I am not sure if it will leave the same impact on you to but I always thought Yedigoller is a very inspirational place. As you are walking by the lake seeing your own reflection on the water or seeing the the leaves that are drifting down towards the lake will fill your mind with new ideas. I am a big fan of literature and every single time I go there even the branches on the water fills my mind with poems. I believe in order to truly reflect what you are seeing and feeling on Yedigoller you must be professional poet because simple words will not be enough to describe the magic of Yedigoller (well I tried my best 😂).

Believe me Fall in Yedigoller will be an unforgettable adventure for you.


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