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This week I got a chance to look at my classmate Carol’s amazing blog:  Nihon Shoku. It is a blog that aims to help people explore Japanese cuisine and it is actually very helpful to see that Japanese cuisine is not just about sushi and ramen as Carol states on her tagline. Since, I also quite enjoy Japanese food myself, I found her blog very interesting. I sure will keep checking her blog. 

Carol uses a simple theme in her blog which helps to bring out her content more and the images of the food. Since the images are quite important when it comes to a food blog. She definitely made a good choice with this theme.  Also, the way she organized her blog looks very neat. There is a clear hierarchy because the first thing that grabs attention is the logo and the title of the blog, they are quite bigger than the items on the menu bar and the titles of the posts. Also, I think she made good use of contrast. The fact that the background is all white but the logo or the title of the blog is in contrasting colours such as blue and red really helps to emphasize the hierarchy on her blog. 

When it comes to text Montserrat was used which is a sans-serif font and well-matched with the overall theme of the blog. A faded grey colour is preferred. It is quite nice because it helps to create contrast and a clear hierarchy between the title of the post and the post itself but since the background is white it might be a little tiring for the viewer’s eye. Choosing  a slightly darker colour might be a good idea. 

Moreover, as I was going through the blog posts I found it really nice that she used titles to divide her post because that made it easier for me to skim through them. However, a suggestion I might have is that she could use more consistent images in her blog post. What I mean by that is the size of the images are pretty different in a post and some were quite small even though on desktop display. 

In overall I believe Carol was really successful to apply the  design principles we have learnt in previous week. She created a blog that is unique and pleasing to the eye. I think the minimalistic approach she used was very brilliant considering her blog is about Japanese food and minimalism is very popular in Japan

I really like Carol’s blog, it looks very professional and promising!! 

Good luck and keep going Carol !! 


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