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Location: Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver / British Columbia, Canada

When I named this blog “small steps in a big world” I knew that I wanted to focus on small and unpopular places in certain locations rather than travelling around the world and briefly talk about the must-seen-places. This week I went to the Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. Which is not exactly a small or unpopular place which is a little bit against my blog’s purpose but it was a really nice experience that I had to share it.

If you are scared of heights like me, the ride to the top of the mountain will terrify you even though there is nothing to be afraid of other than missing the amazing view of the city from above.

What I liked about the Grouse Mountain most was the chance to see the city from the top of the mountain which gives you a feeling like you are flying with a plane. The only difference was Grouse Mountain has a bigger window for you to enjoy the view.

When we reached to the top of the mountain after two telfer rides that almost gave me a heart attack (especially the second one which was for two people and did not have a closed space ), seeing everything become so small makes you feel so big. But then you start thinking about the people down there which seems like shimmering dots to you right now, you can’t stop but thinking that you are actually really small and part of the crowed just like anybody else. Suddenly all of your problems seems so silly and unimportant because you realize that you are not the center of the world and your world that you exaggerated in your mind is not as big as you think.

Watching the city from the mountain caused a surprising feeling that surrounded me : I was feeling proud to be living here. It was really beautiful and respectful to the nature for instance you could see that the tall buildings were mostly placed on the city centers and there were many parks where they kept the trees and natural habitat.

Of course it wouldn’t be logical not to think about all the natural habitats that was destroyed while building the city centers but still I think Vancouver did a great job to respect the nature (I’m saying this because from where I come from in the big cities the only thing you can see will be buildings, no green places, not enough parks, no natural habitats….).

The air was totally different up at the Grouse Mountain too. It was very refreshing. I really was able to feel the clean air that filled my lungs because they were burning due to the unexpected fresh air which is full of high amounts of oxygen.

My advise would be to go there through the midday and stay till the sun goes down. Watching that transition was like a watching a painter throw all the colours at a canvas and than create a masterpiece out of that mess. Moreover the night view of the city was pretty amazing too. As I was looking at the view I literally could hear the lyrics of Whole New World from Aladdin’s live action movie in my mind : … shining, shimmering and splendid … ( I knooooow you think I am lame, anyways…)

Also when the sun was going down it was really fun to watch all the tricky plays shadows performed but at the same time it encouraged me think too. I like to spent time listening to my thoughts in these kind of moments because for me the fascinating things I see triggers my mind. So watching the sunset made think about how shadows are like the personalities or characteristics of people which they hide from everyone else and keep it for themselves. They look so different from each other; what we present as “me” and who we are actually. This could be something to think about when you get a chance to go to Grouse Mountain.


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