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Location: VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver / British Columbia, Canada

Well I am aware that it is a little early to talk about Christmas because the last leaves of the fall have not touched to the ground yet or the colourful disguise of Vancouver due to the fading leaves is still present but as someone who is in love with the Christmas spirit and decorations its never to early to talk about it.

In my opinion one of the places you could actually witness a Christmas miracle in Vancouver/Canada is VanDusen Botanical Garden and their Festival of Light. If you have never visited there during Christmas well, you are missing a lot. Believe me …

I am aware that I have been using these phrases a lot in my posts : “ no word that could describe it” or “leaves you speechless” and as a blogger I should be able to explain what I am seeing to you but I’ll use these phrases again for this post too (how “shameless” I am~~ anyways)

You know sometimes you have these moments where you see something or somewhere and you just look at it with your mouth open. You keep trying to start sentences but all you can do is take a breath and give up because you believe that nothing you’ll ever say will be good enough to describe what you are feeling and experiencing. This is exactly how VanDusen makes you feel when it greets you with “thousands of lights” just like their advertisements.

I remember seeing all these lights that covered the whole garden and thinking well this cannot be happening, this is not real. Literally ever inch of the garden was decorated with Christmas lights. The whole garden, every flower, tree and leave were shining. Have you ever seen the scene in the movie Avatar where the main character discovers the beauty of the forest at night. That could be the closest thing to what you’ll be experiencing there.

I still sometimes do think that it never happened but thankfully I have witnesses and photos 😀 It was a magical experience for me and I can assure you that if you still have this small kid that lives in you it will be an unforgettable night for you too. It will feel like entering to a whole new world like opening the door to Narnia or falling down the rabbit hole to discover Wonderland.

Your soul will be lost in the sea of joy. The general atmosphere in the garden that is created by the Christmas songs continuously playing at the background or the Christmas themed events like listening to Santa Claus’s stories in his tent and many more, will amaze you. Especially when the light show starts it will be impossible to resist to the spirit of Christmas and joy. The whole garden will be dancing to the joyful songs and you’ll join it even though you try to hold yourself.

As you are walking in the garden following the path that is planned carefully to surprise you with all these amazing decorations and different shaped lights, you will not want to leave this place.

Also the the hot chocolate and wine that is waiting you in the resting areas of the garden will warm your heart and should even though the weather will be freezing at those times of the year.

The only down side is when it is time to leave and you step out of the garden the rest of the world will look so pale. But luckily the your soul will be filled with joy which will last for a long time to keep you warm in these dark and long nights of the winter.

I didn’t used to believe in miracles I always thought they would only happen in movies and they are cliches. But after seeing VanDusen I believe a little bit more that miracles might happen…


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