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According to the peer review I have received from Carol last week I decided to make some changes to my website. First of all main issue was the way my blog looks in the mobile phone screen sizes. It shrinks and some part of the slider in the front page overlaps with other posts. In order to prevent that I have spent a lot of time in the setting of theme I have chose but unfortunately I couldn’t find any setting that would help me.

The only option I had was to change the grid layout but then the overall balance on the desktop screen sizes were changing which did not look that good. So I decided to look for a new theme which is more customizable and does not have any problems in different screen sizes.

Another feedback I have received from my peer was that the hierarchy in the frame of text was not very clear in my blog and it lacked some aspects of the affordances (things that would make it easier for users to navigate around). As I was trying to solve these problems I have realized once more that the theme I was currently using was not very customizable in this sense. Of course I believe it is possible to change these features by codes but since I lack the skills for coding I was afraid to mess up my blog. So after the peer review my final decision was to definitely find a similar theme which gives more options for me to do some modifications. After my research I have came across to some themes that would suite to the content I was offering and they were customizable. I unfortunately have not decided which one to choose yet.

I am having a little bit of hard time with this decision because I believed that the current theme I had really worked for me and my blog. But I am aware that the experience and satisfaction of the audience is much more important than my personal taste and preference. Following these I am still in search of a theme.


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