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Location: UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver / British Columbia, Canada

From the moment I stepped a foot in Vancouver it never failed to amaze me. Usually when I search for places to go I always keep my expectations really low because I used to believe that what they show you in their adds or the photos you see in the internet are never true. They are mostly manipulated to bring more people. However, in Vancouver I have learnt that this is not always true.

In Vancouver the places you visit are almost always as beautiful as they were advertised and sometimes even better than the images. Well UBC Botanical garden was no different. When you hear that a university has a botanical garden, to be honest you don’t expect it to be huge or really beautiful. But as I said before Vancouver is full of surprises.

I was there for the Apple Festival. I know I am a bit late with this post but hey! next year is on its way and you can reserve next years apple festival date on your calendars already. This festival and the overall atmosphere of the garden helps you realize the fall is here and it is beautiful. The smell of the apple pies, the mini concert and performances as background music, the trees that are covered in many colours will for sure cheer you up in these rainy days.

Other than this nice and warm festival spirit the garden also offers an opportunity for you to discover very unique plants and flowers that will drop your jaws.

When I visited there it was raining, most people might thing this was best luck but for me it was an opportunity to discover a new side of this garden. I admit that it was cold and my feet were wet but it definitely worth it because while I was walking down the path that goes through the garden which was themed like a traditional Japanese Garden I was able to hear the raindrops on the small pounds and crushing leaves. Even though it was a festival due to the rain it wasn’t really crowded which gave me an opportunity to listen to the nice nature.

When you really focus on the sounds of the nature and unique things it shows you, your soul will be filled with peace. It is like meditation. You’ll relax and leave aside everything that stresses you in your daily live for a while. These sound will calm you which also something proven.

In overall UBC Botanical Garden first calms your mind and body and after that with their nice and cute Apple Festival they fill you with joy and cheer. After giving you some time to recharge yourself by walking around bridges, tunnels and all kinds of plants, they get you together with people to share your experiences and spread happiness to each other.

In a world like this where the internet and the rush of our lives have enabled meaningful and sincere relationships for us, taking a break and reminding ourselves this nice connection that we can make with other people and ourselves is extremely important. It reminds us that we are still humans with very unique emotions not just some machine. You can use this garden or any other place that has this aura to get in touch with yourself and your inner peace.

Remind yourself who you are …


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