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Location: Seattle, Washington State / USA

For the last couple of posts I have been talking about Vancouver and if you are living here or even just visiting, it would be a crime not to visit Seattle. It is so close and easy to go that it actually calls you. A bus ride or couple hours in the train will take you there and if you are found of travelling in a train (as a huge Harry Potter fan train trips are a must for me 😉 ) like me you can really enjoy the ride. Plus it will be over before you know it.

To be honest I can’t say I really enjoyed Seattle at first because I felt like I was drowning between tall buildings and the strong dirty smell of the streets. However this was until I figured out that there were a lot of things to do and a lot of places to go in indoors such as the Glass Museum, Science Center, Space Needle and etc. So I quite enjoyed rest of my time there.

The city has a gloomy atmosphere which might be because of the season (end of autumn) I choose to go there but if you ask me which city doesn’t feel gloomy 🤷🏽‍♀️ , right ? Anyways I believe this overall atmosphere created a lot of opputunities for the indoor activities or events in Seattle.

For instance the Glass Museum was a really nice opportunity to see the amazing harmony of the colours which was created by human . Also it fascinates you to see that an object like glass which is part of your everyday life and something really ordinary for most of us, can change into something so unique and beautiful. Also you witness how differently organized glass pieces create different atmospheres. One part of the exhibition feels like you are under the water and another part feels like you are in the future. One more thing that I found really interesting and felt many emotions was the garden of the museum. When you go out you can see some glass pieces between the bushes taking the role of flowers. It looks so natural and beautiful that it makes you believe those glasses are actual flowers which are up there.

Another nice experience you can have is going up to the top of the Space Needle. As I said so many times I am afraid of heights but I think it worths it. The view of the from up there is quite unbelievable especially at night. When the only thing you can see is the shimmering lights.

If you are someone who can not let go of the child spirit inside them you are for sure enjoy Science Center a lot. It takes you back to your childhood by showing you so many interesting things. Things that you forgot existed, things that reminds you of the wonders human or nature can create together. It reminds of you the times that you were not pretending like you don’t like something because it makes you “mature”. Science Center gives you the chance to become a child again with the other children around.

In overall Seattle is a nice place to enjoy some of the beauties that are made by human which collaborates with nature’s beauty.


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