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This week I decided to pay special; attention to my audiences and my online self. When I was reading my posts and thinking who I was talking to I realized something. I was talking mostly about my home country Turkey but my blog is in English. Since I mostly talked about really specific places I thought it might be a little difficult for my viewers who are from Canada according to Google Analytics, to connect with my posts. Also people from Turkey might not know English which makes it harder for them to understand my blog too. So what I decided was to change my focus a little bit. Right now I am making posts mostly based on places in Vancouver that not many people know but they are worth visiting.

When it comes to my online self. At first I was being really shy like how I would talk to someone in real life. But then as we were discussing in the class and reading many materials I realized that this is actually and opportunity for me to leave my comfort zone and discover about myself a little. This was a new experience for since now I was under the control of the social media or the web but now I had a chance to take control. So as I was composing my posts I tried add more jokes that I thought might make the post more appealing and interesting for people. I was also making a lot of references to some movies I have seen and I tried my best to link them to the trailers and informations about those movies so that even though my viewers might not know what I am talking about they would have chance to figure it out. I believe my post started to become less formal which created a more sympathetic atmosphere in my blog. Also since my blog is mostly about emotions I believe this new path I am following is a good opportunity for me to connect with my audience.


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