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When we were introduced to Google Analytics first in the lecture I was very excited and surprised. It was really interesting to be able to track viewers of my blog. At first it was fun because I was getting to know my audience but then I realized something that this new information has but more responsibility on my shoulders. For instance when I was choosing locations for my posts I was focusing on my personal taste and the places I am familiar with which is Turkey but after discovering that all my audiences were from Canada and especially Vancouver I decided to change my focus because I wanted people to be interested in my posts. I wanted my audience to be able to go and experience themselves what I was talking about so I decided to post places that I have been in Vancouver. This new situation meant that I was responsible of keeping my audience entertained and interested.

From a different perspective, when I was thinking as a user not a creator, I realized that this digital trail (breadcrumbs) we are leaving behind is actually scary. Before I started university I was not aware of the concept of “surveillance” but as I took couple of communication classes at SFU I came across to this topic quite a lot. It was a disturbing one because realizing that your every move is being watched or recorded makes you feel like your personal space is invaded. For instance, I come to realize that when I talked about something specific to my friends the next day the instagram adds would be full of that thing. We even used to joke about it with my friends because sometimes what I was talking about was something I really don’t like ( I was explaining why I don’t like it and how much I hate it) and I still would get advertisements about it which made me mad.

After learning a lot about surveillance I was really careful when my phone asked me “if I would like to share my location” or “give access to a certain app for some settings in my phone”. Recently, much like the experience shared by Suzanne Norman , I try my best to leave as least breadcrumbs as possible. Rather than gkvong full access to some applications on my phone I limit their access. Also, I used to open accounts for every website or store but I try to avoid as much as possible right now, I mostly choose the “continue as a guest” option unless they offer discounts for a membership :/ Unfortunately, even though I do not want to I leave digital footprints behind , I say that it bothers me but to be honest most of the time I’m not even aware of it or I forget. I need to be reminded of it somehow and this semester this course was a reminder. But at the end I know for sure that I am more aware and careful about this topic compared to how I used to be. I even have these little camera stickers in almost all of my devices because just like everyone I saw Mark Zuckerberg‘s “famous” post .


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