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Carolina is the author of the blog that is called “It’s Carolina”. Her blog is about travelling and food where she talks about different places she has been and some recommendations for food in those places. 


There are two focus points in Carolina’s blog : food and travel. I think this a good way to approach to a travel blog because most of the time these go together. So in this sense her approach provides a clear target audience. Also in most of her blogs she has small tips or some suggestions about how to get discounts for some specific events. This is a great way to market her blog. As the blog gains more viewers I think she can improve and work on this idea by collaborating with some apps, restaurants or event coordinators to get discounts for her readers. 

In her posts she provides some background information about the places she is talking about which is great because this gives viewers a general look and knowledge before considering to travel there. Adding some links to these information for credibility is something to consider I think.  In overall her content creates a lovely environment for the readers. However I think there are some aspects that could be improved in the future. Diving food and travel into different categories might split the focus of the readers so it might be a better idea to talk about the food within the travel blogs. Combining them will be easier for the readers because then they wouldn’t have to go back and forth between the two categories. 

I think it is a really good idea to give general information about where she has been but I think going a little deeper and talking more about her own experience will help to create a bond between her and her viewers. Adding more of herself will help her to create a more unique and interesting blog which will be I think easier to market because her target will get more specific (people who enjoy her style).  Including her online self will help her to create a public space for people who have similar taste and interests as her (which is really helpful to identify her target audience, she can change the flow of her blog according to this group).


Her overall design decisions and content goes well together and reflects her online identity. The pink background creates a lovely atmosphere which is quite appealing and welcoming. It is possible to see a clear hierarchy which first drives the eye to the title and logo and then the other elements on the website. 

As I was going through her posts one thing I might suggest for the design and the overall look of the each post might be using less images because sometimes it takes sometime for them to load which might be frustrating for the readers. Also having less images but more content might help her to show her online self more. Another important thing I have came across is that there were some spelling mistakes in most of her posts which might make readers a little tired while they are trying to figure out the actual word so a spellcheck might be a good idea. 

Other than these I think her online self is reflected to her design and content. She has a clear target audience and some basics concepts(ideas) for the marketing of the website in the future. 


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