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Location: Seul and Busan, Korea

As a weird travel blogger I like to focus on a place and discover the details of that specific place. However, this time I decided to do something different and surprise you. Couple of years ago I got a chance to visit Korea (Seoul and Busan). It was truly an unforgettable experience for me. And I remember that was the first time I have ever felt a full freedom. Also, this is going to be weird to hear this from me but, Seoul was the first city I have fall in love with even though I’m a huge nature freak when it comes to travelling.

I was back in the high school when I made this trip to Korea. It meant a lot to me because it was the first time I was going overseas without my parents. Also, I was (actually I still am) a huge K-pop fan. So this trip was my dream and it became true.

In my opinion going to places that actually means something to you is always better than going somewhere just to add another cool instagram post to your profile or cross out another place that is suggested by someone else from your list. When you make an emotional connection with where you have been you get a chance to actually enjoy your experience and time there.

Rather than watching everything behind your camera just like watching videos on YouTube you can actually see it yourself and more than that you can actually feel it. The wind, the smell of the flowers, sound of the waves or bird. When you connect with somewhere emotionally, I believe your senses will be enhanced which will help you have unforgettable memories.

For me Korea was like that. Every moment was special. Also since this was my first trip by myself I remember that I felt free like an adult. And for young people Korea has a lot to offer because it is a city that literally never sleeps. Every hour of the day people were out and having fun. I mean it was summer when I was there but still …

You could go out at 2 am but you’ll still see people dancing or performing in the Hongdae streets. This kind of atmosphere fills you with energy and you actually do not want to go to sleep just like the city because you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Another interesting thing about Korea is that the way how they reserved their history. Rather than demolishing all the old buildings, they kept the big and glorious ones. Also in some streets not only that they reserved old style houses but also they built new houses in old styles. So it was kind of like time travelling. It created this nostalgic atmosphere which was really warm and nice.

Just like every city Seoul also had a tower (Namsan Seoul Tower) that was above a mountain which had a perfect view of the city. I am aware that it is a little cliche to go to those towers because most of the time they don’t have a history or anything unique about them. They are made to bring tourists and make money. However, in a weird way I really do I enjoy them because they give you a chance to see the city from a different perspective. Also seeing the whole city might really help you learn a lot about it for example in case of Korea even though it wasn’t really bad, rather than nature (green spaces like parks or forest) they prioritized the urbanization. It was hard to spot trees from up above.

Busan was another known city of the Korea. In there I especially enjoyed watching Gwangandaegyo Bridge from the beach across it in the moonlight. First of all walking on the sands, barefoot is really shooting and relaxing. It takes all of your stress. Moon light creates this dreamy atmosphere which is also quite romantic I must admit. Feeling the warm waves of the sea feels like you are walking on silk or cotton (something really soft). It is such a nice opportunity to let yourself be lost in the moment and dream about things that makes you happy.

In overall, Korea was a wonderful place. For young people it is the best place to blow of some steam and for more mature people a nice opportunity to see the fascinating harmony of history and the modern-day.


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