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You might have noticed that as we passed Halloween and welcomed November, stores immediately changed their concept. While we were exposed to costumes, scary or cute decorations now Christmas decorations took over the shelves. I am definitely not complaining because this time of the year is my favourite one.

From where I come from Christmas is not celebrated but I was always in love with it according to what I saw from movies. When I first moved to Vancouver. You can imagine my first Christmas. I was running from one store to another buying decorations like crazy because somehow I thought if I didn’t get them now I won’t be able get them ever again. Everything I saw was feeling like a dream because until now I was actually dreaming about them.

Despite the gross profit-based reasons behind Christmas, it is actually a great time of the year to full your soul with joy and enjoy a little light in the dark, cold winter days. This time I wanted to make a suggestion post for you.

I wanted to talk about some places you might go to feel the Christmas spirit in Vancouver. In order to feel warm and keep your spirit up in these gloomy days especially when the finals are on the way for poor students and the heavy rains of Vancouver started to pour down, you definitely should pay a visit to these lovely places.

1 – Stanley Park

In Stanley Park if you follow the signs for the train you’ll find yourself in this small area which is decorated for different holidays in every season such as Halloween or Christmas. Especially in Christmas they put up a lot of lights (not as much as VanDusen Garden) which creates this dreamy atmosphere and even though you are an adult you won’t be able to keep yourself away from getting excited like a kid.

The small miniature village they created or the different decorations they prepared will make you want to never leave there. The smell of the hot chocolate and Christmas cake for sure will warm your soul and cheer you up in the cold night.

2 – Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

This park is really beautiful in every season but Christmas time is my favourite because they put up lights to the bridges and the trees. You might feel like throwing up because I am always talking about light decorations but as someone who have never celebrated Christmas before, THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH LIGHTS!!

It might be a little scary to walk at the bridges if you have fear of heights but the atmosphere for sure will make it up for it. The live music accompanied by the hot beverages and people who are singing along will give you the festival spirit. Also, the light decorations around the pound will take you somewhere magical. Since you are in the middle of a forest the only light source will be the lights they have put up and around pound area they will reflect on the water too which will feel like you are looking at the universe or stars. I think for a moment it makes you forget where you are…

3 – Christas Market

Christmas market will for sure spread the festival spirit to your body and soul. It will feel like you are in one of those Christmas movies. People will be talking around, laughing, there will be live music of all the Christmas song… Wherever you look you’ll see the amazing harmony of red and green and the smell of the different kind of foods from around world will fill your nose.

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The hot red wine with some swish cheese appetizer plate and your friends or family will let you know that Christmas is right around the corner. Such a lovely and warm atmosphere…

4 – Trinity Street

If you are a Christmas decorations freak like me a visit to Trinity Street (2400 -2900) will make your day. Seeing how beautiful people decorated their houses will amaze you. Also, from the windows (stalker alert 🙈, well I’m sorry… ) you can see some families having dinner or celebrating Christmas which makes you wish to be part of that.

I mostly really enjoy this overall atmosphere there but to be honest you shouldn’t forget that Christmas might make you feel lonely too. Seeing everyone with their families in their warm houses in front of the fireplace could make you feel homesick if you are an international student like me. You might find yourself missing your family and your own gatherings. But do not worry because all the other places I have been talking about will cheer you up 😉

5 – Aurora Winter Festival

This festival was much like the Christmas market. The only difference is that you can enjoy a ferris wheel ride or the big slide for all ages. Also the Santa’s tent where he reads stories will make you want to stay no matter how old you are. The little maze and the forest they have created out of light decoration and fake snow machine will make you believe that winter is here and it’s time for Christmas.

6 – Walking around

One last thing I would like to talk about is: SNOW. When it snows I know it is safer to stay at home just like everyone says but when it comes to snow I am one of those people who wants to bury their head in snow and enjoy a snowball fight after making a snowman. So when it snows my advice would be that you go out and wander around the streets. Observe and see how snow changes everything. The world around you will be covered with the pureness of the white snow.

Enjoy this moment.

Stick your tongue out and catch a snowflake.

Stay out until your cheeks become red.

Be a child and have fun !

At the end this is what Christmas and New Year is all about …



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