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In my website I decided to avoid advertisements. There are several reasons behind my decision but the main one is the fact that as a user myself I was always annoyed by the add I would see on the websites. I am aware that they are a great way to make money and increase the visit rate of your website just like Tom Bleymaier says in his article about Maria Popova’s website. Also, sometimes they could be the only way for a website to stay active because building a blog takes time and only focusing on the blog without any other financial income might be really though. However, I liked to look at it from a more emotional perspective : I don’t want to trick my users.

My main aim for this blog is not to make money but share my experiences with other people and connect with them. I wanted to create a small community with this website. I am not doing this for profit so I do not feel the need to put advertisements. I want to create a trustworthy bond with my viewers.

If my website gets popular I might consider to put up some advertisements but I would prefer them to be more like suggestions and rather than lying about it I would probably be honest about what I am advertising. I would talk about wether I like it or not, or does it really worth it. My experience as a user or a visitor.

I created myself an honest online self. I sometimes talk about some personal things in my lives or some memories or thoughts of mine that I usually do not share with much people. I want to be loyal to my online self and viewers.


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