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After receiving feedback from my peer Carolina I decided to do some changes on my blog. Before I start I really appreciate Carolina’s feedback it really helped me to reflect on myself.

First of all Carolina was talking about how I should post more appealing photos in my posts. I prefer to share the photos I took myself to avoid any copywrite issues and also I am really interested in photography so I see my blog as an opportunity to share my work. So from now on I will try harder to took better photos to make my blog more interesting. I am assuming as the blog goes on my skill of photography will hopefully increase too.

Another thing she mentioned was the pop-up social media window I have set up. She said that it made her ” feel really annoyed and want to quit this website”. Even though I was very careful with the settings when I was setting up, it is sad to hear this because as I mentioned in my process post recently I personally don’t like them too. It was supposed to pop up 10 secs after you enter the blog for once but apparently it does not work that way. So I got rid of this window and now I am working on other ideas to invite my audience to my social media accounts.

Another advice she has given me was for me to focus on other places than local. I can see the reasons behind her concern about this. Since I am aware of this I have started to mention different countries recently too. However, I don’t think only talking about places in different countries will work for my blog because it would be against the identity I have created so far. Also, travelling could mean different things to many people for instance there are many places I haven’t been in many places even in my own country which are probably better than some other places I have been in different countries which was really pricy. So in order to keep my content consistent and the bond between my readers and me alive, I will keep doing what I have been doing so far in frame of my content.

Finally she was talking about connecting the instagram page to my blog and showing my post on the page. I really liked this idea and implemented this to my blog.


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