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After listening to our guest speakers this week (Week 11) I realized I should pay more attention to my social media presence because I am promoting my blog though them.

My main social media platform for my blog was Twitter however after todays lecture and some research I have made my own even though it could a nice way to reach out to people Twitter is not a really responsive platform for bloggers. No matter have many followers you have comments and retweet are pretty rare in Twitter unless you have a blue tick on your profile. This means it is not the most profitable platform for a travel blog.

So following this I have decided to plug in one more social media platform. I decided to use instagram because users of instagram has been increasing for a while also it is getting pretty popular among young people who are my aimed audience. Another reason behind my decision is that I have been using the photos I have took and I though instagram would be a good tool to promote them.

After deceasing that I will be promoting my blog through these two platforms I decided to make a plan of my weekly schedule. For twitter I have decided I will create a poll every Tuesday asking people which places they would like to see in my next posts. Also every single time I make a blog post I will let my audience know via Twitter. While I am preparing my posts I will also post a sneak peak in Twitter too. One more thing is ever single time I go somewhere which will be on my blog I will tweet from that place to increase anticipation.

When it comes to instagram rather than posting my every move I have decided to post only really aesthetic images I have took which are edited properly. Also I wanted to add some quotes from famous people or some lyrics from songs under the posts which will make the post more aesthetic and appealing. For instagram I will try my best to post at least two images per week to keep my audience engaged.


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