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Since the beginning of the semester I have been trying to display only the blog posts on my homepage. The first approach I have tried was to make my homepage a static page, the problem with that was when I did that the slider on my homepage kept disappearing.

Also, another problem I was facing was the fact that I was not able to assign posts to pages. Also, trying to assign categories did not work either. I tried using plugins. Most of them did not work for me. One of them was working. However, the issue with that one was the fact that the slider disappeared and the images were not showing up on the page so I had to deactivate it.

I tried using codes but since I did not have any experience with them I couldn’t do much. Also, according to what I researched online this was not advised because with the wordpress updates they said it might crush or ruin the theme of your website. Some functionalities could have been effected too so I decided to avoid this solution.

I have asked the TA and some classmates too. I also tried changing the theme too but unfortunately none of them worked for me. After spending hours on YouTube and online website I decided to gave up.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


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