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As we have discussed in class this week, comments on the internet can be harmful from time to time for instance Leslie Jones‘ or Justine Sacco’s cases. Due to the disinhibition effect especially because of the anonymity, dissociative imagination and invisibility people may say or do things that they would not try doing in real life. Unfortunately people think when it is done behind a screen and when there is no physical evidence it is not considered as committing crime. It is sad but unfortunately it is also the truth.

In order to create a safe environment both for me and my audiences I have decided to create guidelines for comment section on my blog. Even though I have not received any comments yet I think it is important to have these guidelines. I think they show people some sort of authority which I think helps them to think twice before commenting.

I have had some experience with anonymous comments before when I was using WattPad for writing stories. I haven’t received any comments that were as harmful as the examples I have mentioned above, however from time to time there would be some people who would be rude just because they did not like how the story ended or they would keep commenting and telling me I should change the ending. In those cases even though I have not relied any hate comments seeing that my readers were not respecting what I am doing or seeing them hate my stories made me really sad and actually made me stop doing something I used to love.

I am always open to criticism and I think everyone should be because criticism really help to improve things. They give a chance to consider your work from different perspectives. However, I believe they should be done in a respectful manner without being too harsh, more like suggestions. So following this, my guidelines will be like as shown down below:

Things to consider when commenting:

  • Please show respect and do not forget that behind the screen there is an actual human being.
  • Do not go off topic, stay focused on the post.
  • Ignore trolls, do not provoke unrelated arguments. Contact to the admin.
  • Please contact to admin before making comments that include adds or promotions.
  • The comments are being read and necessary actions are taken against offensive content.


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